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LCMS History
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TIDBITS from LCMS History
By Don Hill

The Origin of the Lane County Medical Society

The following "Call" was published in the "Oregon State Journal" printed in Eugene City on Saturday, June 29, 1889.  This newspaper was published every Saturday from an office located on 9th Street. 

A Call

            The undersigned, physicians of Eugene, Or., believing that the best interests of both our profession and the public will be subserved by harmony and free interchange of thought among practitioners of medicine, and that these ends can best be accomplished by the formation of a medical society, do hereby invite their fellow laborers to meet with them at the office of Kuykendall & Payton in this city on the 4th day of July, 1889, at 3 o'clock P.M. for the purpose of organizing such society for this county. 

            We conceive the title of physician to be an honorable one, and that the true profession is not susceptible of division into schools, dogmas, or exclusive sects.  There can be but one science of medicine, and the true disciple of that science as at liberty, is even bound to ransack the storehouse of nature for that, which will cure disease.  We would not limit him in his search nor in the application of the principles or products thus discovered.  But we do ask him to allow every other practitioner the same privilege, and, cutting loose from all creedes, "pathies" or exclusive dogmas, to step out upon the platform of scientific medicine, and accept the simple but honorable title of physician.

            To every practitioner of medicine who endorses these views and who can present a diploma from a regular medical college or other proper evidence of qualification to practice medicine, we extend a most cordial invitation to meet with us at the above named time and place.

J.J. McDONALD,                     KUYKENDALL & PAYTON
D.A. PAINE,                             T.W. HARRIS
A. SHARPLES,                         F.W. PRENTICE
J.W. HARRIS,                           E.D. McKENNEY
W.T. McMURTRY                   T.W. SHELTON

Editor’s note: On July 20, 1889 the following was printed in the newspaper, "On and after Monday July 22, 1889, the post office at this place will be known as Eugene, instead of Eugene City".  So the city of Eugene and the Lane County Medical Society are the same age!  In 1889 there were 13 M.D.s in Eugene and a total of 25 in Lane County.